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Improve your process performance and product quality. Start saving now and make money. Often it requires specialized equipment which is tailored to your process. The right competence determines how effectively the quality, efficiency and sustainability are your resources. We are happy to help you figure out which is the most effective solution for your process. We are on your side when it comes to the correct measurement technique for your process to integrate into your process. Special and individual solutions are among the world our specialty. Quality is our main concern. Therefore, we design and produce our online and offline instruments exclusively in Germany and largely at our house.

OXEA® Online XRF / X-ray Elemental Analyzer
- real-time measurement - multi patented technology - 
no nuclear measurement - no nuclear waste - no countermined material- allows to determine the elemental composition of all materials.

Gain Full Control of Your Coal Quality

with OXEA® Online X-Ray Elemental Analyzer & PMD Precision Measurement Device / Moisture Meter

InduTech® is specialized in online measurement and is continuously improving on-line coal quality analysis. Yielding highest accuracy and reliability, with excellent return on investment.

The OXEA® & PMD (patented) are the latest non-nuclear technology using X-Ray Fluorescence and Microwave Transmission to measure:
■ Ash Content
■ Sulfur Content
■ Moisture Content
■ Calorific Value
■ Elemental Composition of Ash
■ Trace Elements / Mercury
■ Ash Fusion / Volatiles
■ Coal Type Recognition
Ideal to improve your process:
■ Coal Preparation Plants
■ Coking Plants
■ Power Plants
■ Coal Blending Facilities
■ All Other Minerals

USA Reference
Installation: Conemaugh Coal Power Plant / NRG

The OXEA® / PMD are used as part of ECG Plant Management System.
The OXEA® / PMD System improves the efficiency and enables to meet all emission requirements.

BTU 140; Sulphur 0,15%; Ash 0,5%; Moisture 0,3%: was in two-year long-term test – „very accurate and reliable“ availability 98%.
Comment: “The best Analyzer, I have ever met in 30 years”.

The OXEA® / PMD are used as part of the ECG Plant Management System / with Stockpilemanagement.
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Product Lines

  • PMD 2450 / 2500 (Patented)
  • GTA
  • OXEA® (Patented)
  • Potash Analyzer



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  • PMD 2450 / 2500 (Patented)
  • GTA
  • OXEA® (Patented)


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  • Coal mines, coking plants and power stations
  • Steel industry
  • Ore Mines and Ore Preparation Plants


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You can get the Analyzers also “non-nuclear” now!


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Who we are

InduTech is a highly innovative company, operating worldwide in industrial online measuring technology with over 40 years of experience in this field offering complete solutions for our customers worldwide. We are active around the world with our new developments of measuring instruments and manufacturing of contactless online measurement technologies.

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We are located in the beautiful resort Simmerfeld in the northern Black Forest, 20 km north of Freudenstadt, and 45 km south of Pforzheim.

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PMD 2500 (patented)

Precision Microwave Device (patented)
High accuracy and stability. Evaluation unit can be installed outside the ATEX zone. Specially designed
 for Outdoor.



New Development special pneumatic lifting

Some installation conditions makes maintenance impossible in case that the analyzer is fixed, as the analyzer must be removed from the working position for any maintenance. To make maintenance easier a pneumatic lift was developed. This allows to lift the OSB pneumatically. In the service position the service door can be opened to get access to the X-ray tube and the detector system. Additionally the OSB can be manually turned by 90 degrees to check the bottom opening for the X-rays, and to clean it, if necessary. Additionally the service position is a safe position, which can be selected in case of abnormal conditions, such as extremely strong vibrations, overload on the belt, etc. …

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EU Research Project “DRAGON” (FP7) – 30 8389 in 2012

The new PMD 2500 Precision Microwave Moisturemeter was developed within this EU Research Project. The aim was, to achieve resource efficiency by real time online analyzing the excavated material directly on the TBM Tunnel Boring Machine for separating useable minerals as resource. We developed within this Research Project the new PMD 2500 to measure moisture at a bypass belt with a material layer of 20 mm only. The extremely high accuracy and long term stability of the PMD 2500 guaranties high reliable moisture readings. Further remarkable features … more

New improvement OXEA® within the EU Research Project “DRAGON” (FP7) – 30 8389 in 2012, It’s aimed to increase resource efficiency, and to reducing environmental impacts by sending less material to landfill. It is of great economic and environmental interest. The non nuclear, multi patented Technology of the InduTech OXEA® Online X-ray Elemental Analyzer is a precondition for an installation at a TBM. Within this Project we improved the accuracy and extended the detection limit for the low elements down to Na.  Further remarkable features … more

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