InduTech is

a highly innovative company, operating worldwide in industrial online measuring technology. With over 40 years of research, development, experience and continuous optimization of our high-precision, non-contact online process measurement technology for process control in real-time such as OXEA® – Online X-Ray / XRF Elemental Analyzer, PMD® – Precision Microwave Device and GTA – Gamma Transmission Ashmeter. In this field we offering complete solutions for our customers worldwide. We are always active to further develop our contactless online measurement technologies and produce exclusively in Germany. That’s why we can say with pride that our Measuring devices are “Made in Germany”. Our team give individual on-site service worldwide to integrate the measurement devices perfectly into the process to be controlled.

We are located in a beautiful resort village Simmersfeld in the North Black Forest, 20 km north of Freudenstadt, and 45 km south of Pforzheim.