Gain Immediate Control of Your Process

Benefit from our instruments and improve your process performance and increase the product quality. With the right instrument and the right measurement, you can gain control over your process. Start saving now and make money through a precise, safe and cost reducing measurement method with Indutech´s solutions. The return of the investment can be few months or even weeks. We help you choose the right instruments for your process and integrate into the process to achieve maximum efficiency. We produce our instruments exclusively in Germany.

All our instruments include a sophisticated evaluation software with data acquisition, calibration, visualization and data recording on PC and with an interface to the PLC. Also Remote service is possible through internet connection available for all devices, this saves time and money. All devices are also available as explosion-proof versions for zone 21 or 22.

OXEA® Online XRF / X-ray Elemental Analyzer
- real-time measurement - multi patented technology - 
no nuclear measurement - no nuclear waste - no countermined material- allows to determine the elemental composition of all materials.

OXEA® Atline XRF / X-ray Elemental Analyzer
 - real-time measurement - multi patented technology
 - no nuclear measurement - no nuclear waste - no countermined material
 - allows to determine the elemental composition of all materials.

OXEA® Online XRF Analyzer Series

OXEA® Atline XRF Analyzer Series

PMD 2500 - Precision Microwave Transmission Device

GTA - Gamma Transmission Ashmeter

PMD Moisture Meter Series

GTA Gamma Transmission Analyzer Series

Potash – Analyzer

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Product Quality

InduTech Offers You Unmatched Product Quality Control

InduTech Process Controls – We use the word “Process Controls” as part of our name because our analyzers give you immediate, continuous and accurate online feedback to automate processes, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and achieve the highest quality results. Our analyzers put you in control of your processes, yielding many benefits to your bottom line.

Fast and Significant Return on your Investment

In today’s world, every dollar counts. Our analyzers reduce your plant’s costs by providing accurate information to improve your processes. This means you see a signifcant return on your investment in our equipment within months, if not weeks.

Meet Regulatory Requirements Without Worry

When you need to meet regulatory requirements, not only do you need accurate results, but you also need instruments that you can rely on to stay in compliance. InduTech provides you with exactly this reliability and accuracy.

Easy Installation, Training and Safety

Our analyzers have been designed to make installation and training fast and uncomplicated, often in as little as 1 day, unlike other analyzers on the market. Easy or no licensing is needed as with nuclear analyzers.

Software and Remote Service

Sophisticated data handling software is included with every instrument to give you immediate information about your process conditions and product quality. A remote service program is also included that allows us to assist you with servicing your instrument at any time from any location.

Environmental Benefits

With better control of your processes, InduTech gives you the ability to reduce emissions and improve your capability to meet or exceed environmental regulations. No nuclear waste.

Product Reliability

For 40 years, the founder of InduTech has provided the leading edge of research in analysis and measurement of material. We have continuously improved our online analyzers to achieve faster, more accurate results while improving instrument reliability. You benefit from our years of research and experience to help improve your own bottom line.

Sensors for Moisture Measurement Analyzers

The sensor is essential in some applications, or in some desired measurement results. And is based on your specific needs for your material to be measured, accuracy of measurement results to be achieved and environment-specific requirements tailored to your needs exactly.

Standard Sensor for Moisture Measurement Analyzers

Standard Moisture

High Temperature Sensor for Moisture Measurement Analyzers

High Temperature Moisture

Flow Density Sensor for Moisture Measurement Analyzers

Flow Density

Flow Density high Sensor for Moisture Measurement Analyzers

Flow Density High

Laboratory Sensor for Moisture Measurement Analyzers

Laboratory Moisture

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